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    Jack started his Air Service in 1971. He grew his business from a single pilot to many over the years.  His wife Jane and daughters; Tara, Christy and Heather, helping anyway they could, be it working around the air service or in the office.  The whole family pitched in.

    Jack did get hired by Delta Airlines as an International Boeing 727 pilot. He quickly worked his way up to the Captain position and enjoyed a long career based in Europe and retired as a Captain.  Every year though, he returned in the summers to fly floats around Moosehead Lake.  It was his year-round home after all.  When Jack retired from Delta, he continued to fly floats simply for the love of doing it. 

    Very unexpectedly, 2016 would be Jack’s last season flying floats.  He will be missed in the extreme.

    Two of Jack’s Sons-in-Law are both pilots.  They are ensuring the continuation of the business that Jack started all those years ago.

Josh Brown has been working with Jack the last few years and is now a commercial floatplane pilot.  He has been flying both of Jack’s planes on various trips all around Maine.

    Bill Meyers is a Part 135 International Corporate Jet Captain currently flying  a Bombardier Global 6000 all over the world.  He has been a float plane pilot for over 20 years and was a flight instructor for 25 years.

    In 2017, both Josh and Bill are stepping up to fill Jack’s shoes and continue the family business of introducing people to the wild of the great North Maine Lakes Region wilderness and wildlife.  Flying tours and rides as well as seasonal storage and camp rental will continue unchanged for years to come.

We look forward to continuing to serve you.



Josh Brown

Jack’s Air Service

30 Hofbauer Drive

PO Box 338

Greenville, ME  04441

Office    (207) 695-3020

Cell:       (386) 871-6172


May through October

Sun -Sat  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Extended hours with
prior notice.

Weather may be a factor
so call for appointment.


1966 Cessna-180

-used for Charter/Sightseeing

1970 Cessna-172

-used for Sightseeing


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Jack’s Fly-By during the National Anthem at Motorcycle Festival